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16 janvier 2017

Canada crowns a new national champion in short track

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(Carl Savard - Passion/Speed/Skating) 
Yesterday was the third and last day of the short track speed skating canadian senior championships in Montréal. It was held at the Maurice-Richard arena and just like the hockey legend did so many times in his career, Quebec's own Marianne St-Gelais and Charle Cournoyer ended the weekend with a hat trick. They both won three gold medals ending on the highest march of the podium in the 1500m, 500m and overall standing to become 2017 national champions. To those three medals, they also both added a silver medal in the 1000m distance. Considering the strenght of the competition, those results are pretty much a perfect score. For Charle Cournoyer, this is his first title as overall canadian champion. 

 On the men's side, Samuel Girard ended the competition in second place while veteran Charles Hamelin finished third. Hamelin skated well during the weekend, although he was penalised in the big final of the 1500m. His third place is mainly the result of the young guns being so good. A good news for the future of short track speed skating in Canada. 

On the women's side, Kim Boutin, who won the 1000m, finished second while the amazing Marie-Eve Drolet, who will be thirty-five in a few weeks, finished third. Drolet who competed in her first Olympic games in 2002 in Salt Lake City and who took a break from the competition two years ago to become a mother, always finds a way to stay competitive on the national and international level. 

The four other skaters, two men and two women, who'll be part of the team for the world championships alongside last weekend's winners will be announced shortly.

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