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12 janvier 2017

Welcome to Passion/Speed/Skating!

(Carl Savard)

This project started with the idea of doing a Facebook page related to speed skating news, but it became evident pretty fast that if we wanted to reach a bigger number of short track, long track and inline speed skating fans, creating accounts on different social media outlets would help us in our journey. Plus, as I was mostly interested in writing in depth articles or interviews, it was clear we needed a blog since the other platforms aren't really article-friendly. Other than the blog, the Facebook and Instagram accounts, a Twitter account will be active eventually. For now, Facebook will be used to share results, ask questions and make short announces. The blog will serve as the official magazine of the project. Since we want to inform as many speed skating fans as we can, articles will be written both in english and french. Since french is my main language, excuse me in advance for errors that may occur. 

The idea behind this blog also grew from the fact that I started writing articles for a boxing website last fall. Yes, boxing is a major passion of mine. I've been writing songs, speeches, opinions or just life related pieces but never wrote anything about one of my passion like boxing or speed skating. This offer that 12rounds.ca made me a while ago to write for them made its way in my mind, and last fall I decided that the time had come for me to jump. Boxing has plenty of visibility due to a huge number of websites, youtube channels and podcasts. I felt like speed skating needed a news source outside of the classic news shared by the different federations or associations. That's why I thought of launching Passion/Speed/Skating.

This project wouldn't have been as exciting if my son hadn't joined me in this adventure. He is a short track and inline speed skater, skating at the Elite level here in Canada and his insider point of view helps me undertand this sport even more now even though I've been a fan for more than twenty years. 

This is just the beginning. Plenty of details will need our attention in the next few weeks, even months, but we absolutely wanted to launch our activities in time for the Short Track Canadian Senior Championships and the European Championships that will take place this weekend respectively in Montreal and Torino.

Welcome to Passion/Speed/Skating 

Carl Savard & Jackob Savard

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