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29 octobre 2019

The American long track team for this fall's World cup events has been selected

The Pettit National Ice Center welcomed the American long track World Cup team selection last weekend in Milwaukee.

By Jackob Savard
Photo: Schaats Fotos

Thirteen skaters were selected to be part of the long track team that will represent the United States in the upcoming World Cup events. Two-time olympians Joey Mantia and Brittany Bowe will once again this year be the key pieces of the team. Mantia qualified on 1000m, 1500m and in the mass start, the distance in which he was crowned world champion twice. Qualifying on 500m, 1000m, and 1500m, Bowe will look to continue with the success she had last season as she won multiple World cup medals, was crowned 1000m world champion and established the new world record on 1000m. Amongst the other skaters in the team, we find a good mix of experienced and younger skaters. Ethan Cepuran, Austin Kleba and Brianna Bocox are the youngest skaters on the team.

Rankings based on number of world cup spots available
500m Ladies
Brittany Bowe – 37.81
Kimi Goetz – 38.12
Brianna Bocox – 38.99
Erin Jackson – 39.06

500m Men
Brett Perry – 35.76
Austin Kleba – 36.05

1000m Ladies
Brittany Bowe – 1:13.76 
Kimi Goetz – 1:15.66
Brianna Bocox – 1:16.74

1000m Men
Joey Mantia – 1:09.27
Kimani Griffin – 1:11.02
Austin Kleba – 1:11.18

1500m Ladies
Brittany Bowe – 1:54.53
Kimi Goetz – 1:58.78
Brianna Bocox – 1:58.83

1500m Men
Joey Mantia – 1:45.04
Emery Lehman – 1:46.97

3000m Ladies
Mia Kilburg – 4:12.57
Paige Schwartzburg – 4:20.56

5000m Men
Ethan Cepuran – 6:33.01

10000 Men
Ian Quinn – 13:41.78

Mass Start Ladies
Mia Kilburg
Paige Schwartzburg

Mass Start Men
Ian Quinn
Joey Mantia

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