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25 octobre 2019

A look back at the 2019 Alta Valtellina Trophy

The 2019 Alta Valtellina Trophy welcomed skaters from all over Europe and Canada in Bormio, Italia last weekend.

By Jackob Savard

The competition included skaters from many countries such as Italy, Russia, Canada, Great Britain who were divided in many categories from Senior to Junior D.

Friso Emons and Elena Viviani Senior winners
Young Dutch skater Friso Emons was victorious in the Senior men’s competition which included a 500m, a 1000m, a 1500m and a 3000m. Emons won the two longer distances: the 1500m and the 3000m, finished 2nd on 1000m and 9th on 500m. Russian Artem Kozlov finished 2nd overall winning the 500m and the 1000m. Finishing 3rd in the classification was Italian Davide Viscardi who collected Top-8 results in every distances. His best performance was a silver medal on 500m. 

Italian Elena Viviani had a great weekend collecting two 1st place, a 2nd place and a 6th place to ensure her top spot in the overall ranking. Kathryn Thomson from Great Britain finished 2nd winning the 500m and Lucia Peretti from Italy took 3rd with a strong win on 3000m.

Russians at the top in the Junior A group
Seven of the ten best men’s skaters and five of the best ten women’s skaters of the Junior A group were Russians including both winners and 3rd place finishers. Svetlana Tyuleneva won the ladies’ group in front of Canada’s Megan Boudrias and Russia’s Ludmila Kozulina while it was Vladimir Balbekov who won it in the men’s competition. Italian Luca Spechenhauser and Russian Daniil Krasnokutskiy completed the men’s podium.

Canadians in Bormio
Young Canadian skaters competed in the Senior, Junior A and Junior B group. The best overall classification performances from Canadian skaters were Juliette Brindamour’s 4th place in the Senior, Megan Boudrias’ 2nd place in the Junior A group, Miao Qi’s 2nd place in the Junior B category and Alexandre Migner’s win in the Junior B men’s classification.

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