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3 décembre 2019

UPDATE Dec 4th: Zhang Jing resigns over a disrespectful comment from one of her skaters

In an unexpected turn of events, the Hungarian team in short track speed skating just lost its head coach halfway through the World cup season. 

By Carl Savard
Photo by Tony Chung

Zhang Jing who represented China at the 1994 Olympics, has been a key factor why the Hungarian program in short track speed skating has grown so fast in the last few years. Her first contact with the actual Hungarian skaters goes back to her coaching days in China. In 2007 she trained two young and unknown Hungarian skaters who had traveled to their father's home country to become better athletes: Liu Shaolin Sandor and Liu Shaoang. It’s in 2012 that she went to Hungary as an advisor and eventually became the head coach of the team. Since then, Hungary has become a force to be reckoned with in the sport of short track. 

It’s through her social media that Zhang Jing, better known as Lina, shared her decision to quit the team. A negative post by skater Burjan Csaba, concerning the waiting time at the airport customs in China using the “F-Word” to complain about his coach’s native country, shocked the coach enough to present her resignation to the Hungarian team. CGTN reports that Zhang shared on the web that she “was astounded and outraged by the racist comments against China made publicly by Hungarian short track speed skater Burjan Csaba.” She added to her statement: “I can't tolerate a Hungarian skater, especially a Hungarian Olympic champion, making racist comments against China. And for the record, I resigned as the Hungarian short track speed skating team's head coach.” 

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UPDATE: December 4th 2019:

Hungarian skater Burjan Csaba apologized for his actions on social media posting: "Deeply sorry for yesterday's post. Was tired after long trip didn't mean it. Hope everybody understands. Sorry again."

Asian media reports that the Hungarian federation didn't accept Lina Zhang Jing's resignation and is in talk with the coach at this moment to settle the situation. Burjan Csaba has apologized to his coach. He will not skate the 4th leg of the World cup season this weekend and the federation is evaluating what further disciplinary actions will be taken in regards to the situation.

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