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8 juillet 2020

Ariëns and Kamminga FreeWHEEL Inline Cup winners

Crispijn Ariëns and Manon Kamminga won the FreeWHEEL Inline Cup today on a wet track in Heerde. 

By Jackob Savard
Picture: Jaap Hop

An interesting pool of high-level athletes competed at the FreeWHEEL Inline Cup today. This regional race which usually welcomes a fairly small group of skaters benefited from being one of the first competitions of the the season after all the cancelled and postponed events. The men had to skate 60 laps of 450m while the women had to cross the finish line 45 times. 

Endurance skater Crispijn Ariëns, who already has several ice and inline marathon wins, took the victory in the men's race. Ariëns set his fast pace right from the start. Several opponents managed to follow him for a while, but Ronald Haasjes was the only skater to skate with Ariëns until the end. Ariëns won the final sprint to claim gold. Haasjes and Ruben Ligtenberg completed the podium. 

Experienced Manon Kamminga won gold in the women’s race. The 28-year-old skater took a lap ahead of her competitors early in the race to ensure her victory. Beau Wagemaker and Gerline Crediet completed the women's podium. 

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