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29 juin 2020

Felix Rijhnen and Mareike Thum have their eyes set on a world record

German skaters Felix Rijhnen and Mareike Thum will attempt to break the world record for the most distance in one hour next Sunday at the Arena Geisingen.

By Jackob Savard
Photos: Felix Rijhnen & Mareike Thum’ Instagram accounts

Felix Rijhnen has had this record in his mind for a few years and has always refrained from doing so in order not to jeopardize his international competitive season with the heavy training load that such a challenge requires. The year 2020 seems to be the right one considering that all inline speed skating events have been cancelled because of Covid-19. It was the German Roller Skating Federation that encouraged Rijhnen and his fellow German Mareike Thum to attempt the record. The two world champions will attempt to skate the longest possible distance in one hour on the 200m indoor track at the Arena Geisingen. 

The goal

Although there is no official world record confirmed by World Skate at this time, two past performances are being used as references by the two skaters. In 2005, Belgian Frank Fiers skated 36.51 km on a 400m track. In the same year, Italian Mauro Guenci skated 38.60 km on a road circuit of just over one kilometre. Rijhnen aims to beat Guenci by skating over 38.60 km, while Mareike Thum would like to at least reach the 35 km mark. 

The world record attempt will be livestreamed HERE

More informations on Felix Rijhnen's Youtube Channel.

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