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8 mai 2017

Inline season is well on its way

After five European Cup events we can already predict who are gonna be the best skaters of the season.

By Jackob Savard
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The first five stages of the European Cup that were held in Portugal,  France, Germany and the Netherlands gave us a good idea of the skaters that we should see a lot on the podiums this summer. Some skaters were definitively well prepared and are getting awesome results.

Two colombians, a french and an american in the top ladies

The world champion Fabriana Arias Perez from Colombia is in her zone this season. Her results at the Trophée des 3 Pistes and at the Geisingen International were remarkable. She has won everything at the 3 Pistes and got second overall in Geisingen. She is unbeaten in the long distances this season.

Another colombian that performed well in the first few competitions his Jhoana Viveros. She finished fifth in Geisingen and won the overall ranking at the International Kriterium of Gross-Gerau.
Juliette Pouydebat from France participated in the first four European Cup events and she got three top 10 in those four events with a 3rd, a 6th and 9th place.

Erin Jackson dominated the sprint distances in Lagos and at the two events in Germany. The american won the 200m dobbin sprint in Geisingen and the 500m in Gross-Gerau.

A lot of battles on the men's side of the competition
Diogo Marreiros his one of the skaters that impressed us the most so far this season. The portuguese skater participated in all the events and got a top 10 in all of them. He finished second in Lagos and in Heerde and third in Gross-Gerau.  

Bart Swings does not need introduction anymore in the inline speed skating world and he is having a really good season so far. He defended his title in Geisingen and won the Kriterium of Gross-Gerau for the 8th time. Helped by a solid team, he was able to finish strong and take the wins.

Our team believes that Gwendal le Pivert is the ultimate sprinter on the international level this year. The triple world champion in 2016 continues his domination with great victories at the three tracks and in Gross-Gerau. He is in a class of his own in the 500m and it should be a good year for him.

The french Elton de Souza is one of our favourite skaters and he is getting really good results this season. He finished seventh in Lagos, fifth at the 3 Pistes, third at Geisingen, fourth in Gross-Gerau and won the overall ranking at the Holland Cup in Heerde. He is performing well in both the short and long distances and he is able to get good results even if he does not have a team as strong as the other favourites helping him out. He is really impressive and we think he will have a really good season.

Honourable mentions
Our honourable mentions so far go to Nolan Beddiaf for is great victory at the Trophée des 3 pistes, Hamilton Patino Dorado for his great performances in Geisingen and Patxi Peula who also got a really good start with a victory in Lagos. We will keep an eye on them in the upcoming events.

Most of these skaters are now preparing for their national championships, the european championships and later this year the world championships. The marathon season will start soon and we will have a lot of events to cover for you. It’s going to be a great inline season!

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