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12 juillet 2017

Spectacular European championships in Lagos

Sans titre-1 copie.jpgThe 2017 european inline championships were a big success and some skaters added a lot of new titles to their collection.

By Jackob Savard
Photo courtesy of Diccon Scrivens: Dixs Pixels

Here is some of the skaters that impressed us the most in the Junior and Senior categories during those spectacular championships.

Francesca Lollobrigida (Senior ladies)
If you followed the competitions, you clearly know that Francesca Lollobrigida from Italy dominated the senior ladies category. She won five european champion titles and finished second two times out of the seven distances she competed. She also helped the Italian team finish second in the road relay. If everything goes as plan, she will be the one to beat at the World Games at the end of the month.

Nolan Beddiaf (Senior mens)
A lot of men had a great competition but Beddiaf dominated on the road. He was crowned champion in the point race and the elimination race and also finished second in the marathon after an awesome race. He also helped the strong french team finish on the podium in the relays.

Giorgia Bormida (Junior A ladies)
The Italian Giorgi Bormida dominated the sprint distances in her category. She finished first in three of the four sprint events by winning the 300m, the 500m and the lap. She also finished second in the 100m. She was part of the Italian victories in the relays.

Valentin Thiebault (Junior A mens)
Thiebault was flying in the sprint events on both the track and the road. He was dominant in the 300m TT and in the 500m on the track and continued his good performances with a 3rd place in the 100m and an another victory in the lap. He was part of the french team in the road relay and helped them win the title.

Mathilde Pedronno (Junior B ladies)
Pedronno was simply perfect in the sprint events on the track. She won the 300m TT and the 500m. She also participated in the victory of the French team in the relay. With these awesome results she will be a skater to watch in the next few years.

Jason Suttels (Junior B mens)
The young Belgian Jason Suttels was really impressing in the Junior B category. He managed to win in the point race and the elimination race on the track and also the elimination race on the road. He was able to achieve great performances even if the French and Italian teams were really strong in this category.

Special mentions
There was a lot of awesome performances during those championships. Martin Ferrie was very strong in the Junior A, Patxi Peula showed everyone he was able to get on the podium against anyone, Daniel Niero was impressive in the long distances and Ioseba Fernandez proved he is one of the fastest skaters in the world. Sandrine Tas and Vanessa Herzog had great performances in the senior ladies category.

The championships were a big success when it comes to the races and according to many skaters the organisation was perfect. We will surely see Lagos organize other big events in the future.

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  1. Hello, do you have any webpage or information about a ranking of speed skater ? Thank you

    1. You can follow our facebook and instagram accounts for live results during the next competitions. If you want the results of the european championships you can go on the event website : http://ec2017.rollerlagos.pt/en/results/.