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1 décembre 2017

A world record at home for Canada

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The best long track skaters are in Calgary for the third ISU world cup of the season.

By Jackob Savard
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Today's distances were the ladies' 3000m, the men’s 5000m and the team sprint.

Takagi and Kramer won the long distances
Miho Takagi from Japan was the fastest lady as she beats the current World cup leader on the distance Antoinette de Jong. Takagi established a new Japanese national record with her fast time of 3:59.07. Ireen Wüst from the Netherlands finished in third.

Sven Kramer won the 5000m in front of Ted-Jan Bloemen. The two skaters are dominant in the long distances this season. They seem to be in a league of their own. The German Patrick Beckert finished in third.

Home victory for Canada in the team sprint
The podium of the ladies team sprint was composed of Russia, Norway and China. The Russian skaters were almost two seconds faster than the Norwegians. The men’s race was won by the Canadian team in front of their home crowd! With this performance, Gilmore Junio, Laurent Dubreuil and Vincent de Haître established the new world record on the distance with a time of 1:17.31. Russia and the Netherlands completed the top 3.

The competition will continue tomorrow with the 1000m, the team pursuit and the mass start semis.

You can browse the full results here

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