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2 décembre 2017

Surprising day 2 of racing in Calgary

kai verbij netherlands speed skating world champion
The best skaters in the world were back on the ice today in Calgary for the second day of World cup #3.

By Jackob Savard
Photo: Schaats Foto’s

The distances today were the 1000m, team pursuit and the mass start semis.

The World cup leaders were beaten on 1000m
Big surprise in the ladies’ 1000m as the World cup leader Nao Kodaira suffered a fall and finished 20th. She had an amazing start and looked on a mission to beat the world record when the fall happened. Heather Bergsma, Yekaterina Shikhova and Marrit Leenstra were the ones who stepped on the podium.

On the men's competition, Kai Verbij from the Netherlands was the fastest. His teammate Kjeld Nuis and the Norwegian Havard Holmefjord Lorentzen finished second and third. It was a really tight competition as there was only 0.05 seconds separating Verbij and Lorentzen. Pavel Kulizhnikov was initially the fastest but was penalized because he switched lane too early.

An exciting team pursuit
The Japanese team was the fastest in the ladies team pursuit event. Germany and Canada completed the podium. Japan broke the world record on the distance with their performance. Team Netherlands finished last due to a fall.

The Dutch team finished in first place in the men’s competition. They were followed by Japan and Norway.

Mass start semis
Mass start semis were exciting and everybody was trying to get some points! There was no big surprises in the ladies’ races, but on the men’s side Jorrit Bergsma did not manage to qualify for the final  as he finished 10th in the first semi.

The competition will end tomorrow with the 1500m, 500m and mass start finals.

You can browse the full results here

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