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18 avril 2022

Lefeuvre and Peula champions of the Trophée des 3 pistes

Spain's Patxi Peula and France's Marine Lefeuvre are the 2022 champions of the Trophée des 3 pistes held last weekend in France. 

Text by Jackob Savard

Photo: Diccon Scrivens (Dixs Pixels)

The mythical Trophée des 3 pistes brought together skaters of all ages again this year for a three-day competition. While the majority of competitors came from France, other nations such as Spain, Italy, Colombia and Denmark were also represented.  

Peula dominates the men's competition

Patxi Peula was dominant in the Senior Men's competition. The 33-year-old veteran who is representing Rollerblade this year won five of the six distances on the program to eclipse his competitors in the overall standings. The only distance he did not win was the 500m held in Gujan Mestras on the second day. It was his Spanish compatriot Daniel Milagros who stood out in this particular distance. 

In the overall standings, Frenchman Timothy Loubineaud, representing Powerslide, took second place with four 3rd place finishes, one 2nd place and one 4th place over the weekend. Frenchman Doucelin Pedicone, representing Rollerblade, took third place overall ahead of Nolan Beddiaf and Hugo Morin both from France who took 4th and 5th place. 

Tight battle for the women's trophy

France's Marine Lefeuvre and Colombia's Aura Quintana were in a tight battle this weekend. The two regulars of the competition fought hard, but in the end it was Lefeuvre who prevailed. The Frenchwoman representing EO Skates won three of the six distances, finished 3rd twice and 6th once. 

Quintana had to settle for second place overall. The Colombian showed great consistency throughout the competition, but was unable to win an individual distance. Italy's Veronica Luciani of Rollerblade took third place, while France's Alison Bernardi and Manon Fraboulet rounded out the top five. 

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