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25 juin 2019

Breaking News: Entire Korean short track team suspended from National training center

Major news coming out of Korea today as the Korea Herald reports that the entire Korean team has been suspended from accessing the National training center following a sexual harassment incident. 

By Carl Savard
Photo by Martin Holtom

Even though Korea still managed to get great results on the ice in the last year in short track speed skating, off-ice incidents have tarnished the aura of the strongest country in the sport. Former national coach Cho Jae-beom will have to stand in court for charges of sexual abuse on Shim-suk Hee, one of the best skater of her generation. Earlier this year, Kim Gun-woo and Kim Ye-jin missed the opportunity to compete at the World Championships because of a suspension they received. Kim Gun-woo was suspended for a month after entering the ladies dormitory illegally while Kim Ye-jin also received disciplinary measures following the incident. 

The story this time involves two established male athletes. The Korean Skating Union was informed by a coach that a male skater pulled down the pants of one of his teammates in front of the female skaters last week. Until a decision is taken for what will happen to the skaters implicated in this event, the entire Korean team has been locked out of their national training facilities for a month while the Korean Skating Union investigates the incident.

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