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7 avril 2019

French victories at the Berlin Half Marathon

French skaters Nolan Beddiaf and Chloé Geoffroy won the 2019 Berlin Half Marathon held today in Germany.

By  Jackob Savard
Photo: Thomas Wendt (@freddyrace)

Some of the best marathon skaters in the world raced in the Berlin streets today for the 2019 Berlin Half Marathon, one of the most coveted classical event of the inline speed skating season. The race ended with two French skaters on top of the podiums.

Beddiaf was the men’s race winner
The 2017 marathon world champion Nolan Beddiaf escaped the pack in a solo breakaway to win the men’s half marathon in 30:41. The Frenchman representing EO skates finished forty seconds faster than his closest rivals. Reigning marathon world champion Felix Rijhnen who skates for Powerslide finished second just ahead of Ewen Fernandez from Rollerblade.

Geoffroy sprinted to victory
France’s Chloé Geoffroy, who’s skating her second year with the Powerslide world team, won the ladies’ 21km just in front of her teammate Katharina Rumpus. They crossed the line in 36:59. Third place finisher was French skater Marine Lefeuvre from EO skates. Long track speed skating olympian from Germany Claudia Pechstein finished 10th of this inline race.

Men's top 8
1. Beddiaf, Nolan (FRA) EOSKATES - 00:30:41
2. Rijhnen, Felix (GER) Powerslide Matter - 00:31:26
3. Fernandez, Ewen (FRA) Rollerblade 00:31:26
4. Bastidas, Alexander (VEN) SCC-Skating - 00:31:27
5. Loubineaud, Timothy (FRA) Powerslide Matter - 00:31:54
6. Mallevoue, Guillaume (FRA) Rollerblade - 00:31:54
7. Pedicone, Doucelin (FRA) Rollerblade - 00:31:54
8. Levrard, Julien (FRA) IKK BB Pure Racing Team - 00:31:54

Ladies' top 8
1. Geoffroy, Chloé (FRA) Powerslide Matter - 00:36:59
2. Rumpus, Katharina (GER) Powerslide Matter - 00:36:59
3. Lefeuvre, Marine (FRA) EOSKATES - 00:36:59
4. Camarin, Carlotta (ITA) Castellon Spain - 00:36:59
5. Ulbrich, Katja (GER) 00:36:59
6. Odlazek, Ana (SLO) Castellon Spain - 00:36:59
7. Peißker, Jenny (GER) TAX Racing Team - 00:36:59
8. Berg, Sabine (GER) TAX Racing Team - 00:36:59

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