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30 avril 2019

Rijhnen and Tas won the 2019 Gross-Gerau Kriterium

Germany's Felix Rijhnen and Belgium's Sandrine Tas, both representing Powerslide, won the 2019 Gross-Gerau Kriterium last weekend in Germany.

By Jackob Savard
Photo: Thomas Wendt (@fredyrace)

The classic Gross-Gerau Kriterium was raced under difficult weather conditions going from rain to hail and then sun. Powerslide's skaters Felix Rijhnen and Sandrine Tas won the overall rankings of the Kriterium that included a 500m, a 5000m points race and an elimination race. A sprint cup was also raced on day 1 with a 300m Time Trial.

Rijhnen on top on home soil
Marathon world champion Felix Rijhnen was at home this weekend in Gross-Gerau, Germany. He took advantage of it and won the overall ranking of the Kriterium for the first time in his career. His 8th place on 500m added to his win in the points race and his 2nd place in the elimination race was enough to take the title. His Powerslide teammate Bart Swings, who dominated the Trophée des 3 pistes last weekend, finished 2nd overall this weekend finishing 3rd in all three distances in Gross-Gerau. Argentina’s Santiago Roumec, who's best results was a 2nd place in the points race, completed the overall ranking podium. Italian Giuseppe Bramante and Swiss Livio Wenger concluded in 4th and 5th place respectively.

Other performances from this weekend need to be highlighted such as Diogo Marreiros' strong win in the elimination race where team Bont put on a perfect lead out strategy. In the sprint events, Venezuelian Jhoan Guzman Bitar and German Simon Albrecht respectively won the 500m and the 300m time trial showing great speed despite the difficult weather.

A perfect Kriterium for Sandrine Tas
Belgian Sandrine Tas continued her domination of the ladies’ european circuit winning all three distances of the 2019 Gross-Gerau Kriterium. Just behind her in the overall ranking was Germany's Mareike Thum skating for team Arena Geisingen. Thum was the closest rival of Tas in the long distances finishing 2nd two times. Larissa Gaiser, one of Thum’s teammates, took the 3rd rank in the overall classification in front of Argentina’s Rocio Berbel and German Josie Hoffman who took 4th and 5th. Argentina’s Maria Victoria Rodriguez Lopez, who skated in the long track speed skating sprint championships in Heerenveen last season, won the 300m time trial last weekend in Gross-Gerau.

The inline speed skating community is currently touched by a sad event. All our thoughts goes out to French skater Joséphine Alliaud who’s currently on an hospital bed trying to recover from a severe fall in a training last Friday.

You can browse the full results HERE

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