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10 avril 2019

Korea's 2019-2020 short track national team is confirmed

The short track national team that will represent Korea next season has been announced earlier this week.

By Jackob Savard

Photo: Danny Kim (@dk_st)

The skaters who will represent Korea next season in short track are now known. Choi Min-Jeong who finished second overall at the World championships and Lim Hyo-Jun, who was crowned overall world champion, had secured there place on the team with their results and will be back next season. The other skaters had to fight in a selection competition.

Kim Ji-Yoo and Noh Ah-Reum who had good results this season will both be back next fall while some past seasons members Kim Alang, Lee Yu-Bin and Noh Doh-Hee will be back on the team. Sixteen-year-old Seo Whi-Min who skated at the 2019 World junior championships in Montréal will make her national team debut in 2019-2020. Shim Suk-Hee wasn’t able to finish the selection competition due to an injury. The core of the men’s team is very similar from what we’ve seen in 2018-2019. Kim Da-Gyum, Park In-Wook and Kim Dong-Wook are the new guys on the team.

Note that the 1500m World cup classification winner Kim Gun-Woo and the 2018 olympian Kim Ye-Jin won’t be part of the team due to their suspension by the Korean Skating Union earlier this year.

Women’s team 2019-2020
Choi Min-Jeong
Kim Alang
Noh Doh-Hee
Seo Whi-Min
Kim Ji-Yoo
Noh Ah-Reum
Kim Kun-Hee
Lee Yu-Bin

Men’s team 2019-2020
Lim Hyo-Jun
Hwan Dae-Heon
Park Ji-Won
Kim Da-Gyum
Lee June-Seo
Park In-Wook
Kim Dong-Wook
Park Se-Young

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