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3 juin 2019

Peter Michael and Mareike Thum Victorious in Wörgl

Peter Michael and Mareike Thum won the Wörgl European cup last weekend.

By Jackob Savard
Photo: EC wörgl

The 7th Europa cup of the season was raced last weekend in Wörgl, Austria. A 500m, a 1000m, a points race and an elimination race were scheduled.

Peter Michael top male skater
New Zealander Peter Michael, multiple world champion on the inline curcuit and well-known ice speed skater, won last weekend’s European cup. He won the elimination race and the points race and also finished 2nd on 1000m and 3rd on 500m. Josh Whyte skating for Team Arena Geisingen and Indra Médard from Chauvin Arnoux Racing Team completed the overall podium. Whyte won the 1000m and finished 2nd on 500m while Médard collected two 3rd positions and a 2nd position. Australian Harry Stogdale and Colombian Camilo Acosta also had a good weekend both collecting two podiums: Médard in the long distances and Acosta in the sprint events.

Thum and Herzog head to head
German Mareike Thum skating for Team Arena Geisingen and Austrian Vanessa Herzog skating for Bont were the two best female skaters of the weekend as Thum won every distance except the 500m which was won by Herzog. Adding to her 500m victory, inline and ice world champion, Herzog finished 2nd on every other distances. Completing the podium was Hungarian Dominika Gardi who finished 3rd twice and added a 4th and a 5th place during the weekend.

Sejpal and Stoddard on top in the juniors
Czech Republic’s Zdenek Sejpal and United States’ Corinne Stoddard won the junior competition. Sejpal won every distances but the 500m while Stoddard continued her dominant season winning all four distances of the ladies' junior competition.

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