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21 juillet 2019

United States’ inline speed skating has a bright future

With rising stars such as Corinne Stoddard and Sabien Tinson getting good results in the junior category at Worlds, American inline speed skating seems to have a bright future.

By Jackob Savard
Photo: World Skate - Erika Zanetti

The World Roller Games which ended on the 14th of July did not only showcased the current best inline speed skaters in the world, but also the future of speed skating, in the junior categories. The United States roller sport association might have found new stars to fill the shoes of legends Joey Mantia and Brittany Bowe. Both skaters who are now competing in long track speed skating, won respectively fifteen and eleven medals at the Inline world championships in the past. 

American inline skaters kept competing at Worlds after Mantia and Bowe left. Sprint specialist Erin Jackson for example skated at the World championships, but at that time the country wasn't considered a powerhouse of the sport. Things might change in the next few seasons with Corinne Stoddard and Sabien Tinson approaching the senior category. Both already multi-medalists in the junior category at the 2018 World Championships in Heerde, Tinson and Stoddard had great championships again in 2019 in Barcelona. Tinson finished 4th on the 200m TT on the track before being crowned junior world champion on the one lap sprint and the 100m on the road. Stoddard was crowned junior world champion on the track elimination race and collected a silver medal on the road points race. These two might fight for senior world champion titles in the near future just like Mantia and Bowe did back in the days.

Adding to her great performances on wheels, Corinne Stoddard is also a member of the short track national team. During the 2018-2019 season, she skated on the World cup circuit and took part in the World junior championships in Montréal.

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