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10 juillet 2019

Colombian team dominates the track portion of the World Roller Games

The Colombian team was near perfect during the first half of the inline skating competitions at the World Roller Games in Barcelona, Spain. 

By Jackob Savard
Photo: World Skate - Erika Zanetti

Despite the rain which complicated the job of the organizing committee during the first two days of the event, all the distances that were schedule for this track racing portion of the World Roller Games were raced. Colombians were strong in every distance and category claiming the majority of the titles up for grab on the the track. 

Colombia, Colombia and Colombia again
Nine of the twelve senior world champion titles available were won by Colombian skaters during the track portion of the competition. Edwin Estrada was one of the most successful skater winning the 200m, finishing second on 500m and helping Colombia win the relay. Alex Cujavante was, as always, strong in the long distances and Pedro Causil got the 500m world title. In the ladies’ competition Johanna Viveros and Luz Karime Garzon were dominant in the long distances. Garzon was crowned elimination race champion while Viveros won the points race. Alongside their young teammate Gabriela Rueda Rueda, they also claimed the relay champion title. Geiny Pajaro and Kerstinck Sarmiento respectively won the 200m TT and the 500m. We saw a bit more diversity in the junior category, but Colombian skaters such as Maria Porto Perez, Maria Quiroz Alfonso and Salomon Carballo had their moments of glory. 

Swings and Thum crash the Colombian Party 
Belgian Bart Swings and German Mareike Thum were the only two non-colombian senior skaters to claim a world champion title on the track. Swings controlled the 10000m points race collecting some points during all the race to win the World champion title on the distance and won the 1000m final a couple of minutes later. Thum defended her 1000m world champion.

The future of inline speed skating
Besides the above mentioned Colombians, other 2019 junior world champions include American Corinne Stoddard who won the elimination race, Spanish skater Nerea Langa who was victorious in the 200m TT and the 500m and Spanish Nil Llop who won the 500m. Jason Suttels, representing Belgium won both long distance races in the junior category showing great endurance and explosiveness. He was the most impressive young skater on this track and it will be interesting to see him skate on the road circuit. 

The best skaters in the world will be racing on the road from the 11th to the 13th of July and will compete in the marathon on the 14th. 

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