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5 janvier 2020

Hong and Santos 2020 American short track champions

Kristen Santos and Thomas Hong won the 2020 American short track championships which were held in Salt Lake City, Utah last weekend.

By Jackob Savard
Photo: Martin Holtom

The stakes were high as the best short track speed skaters in the United States had the chance to qualify for the upcoming World Cups and World Championships.

Big weekend for Thomas Hong
Thomas Insuk Hong was crowned American short track champion as he won the 500m and 1000m distances and got silver on 1500m. Ryan Pivirotto, the 1500m winner, finished second overall while Andrew Heo finished third. Brandon Kim and Aaron Tran took the fourth and fifth places.

Santos, Biney and Stoddard on the ladie’s podium
Maame Biney won both the 1500m and 500m on day 1 giving herself a good lead in the overall ranking for the last day. She was penalised on 1000m the next day which allowed Kristen Santos to win the 1000m final and the overall title. Santos had a great weekend finishing just behind Biney in the first two distances and winning the 1000m final. Corinne Stoddard and Hailey Choi respectively grabbed the third and fourth overall spots.

Here are the selected skaters:
Senior Team Men
Thomas Hong
Ryan Pivirotto
Andrew Heo
Brandon Kim
Aaron Tran
Joonhwa Hong

Senior Team Ladies
Kristen Santos
Maame Biney
Corinne Stoddard
Hailey Choi
Shreya Arun
Julie Letai

Junior Team Men
Andrew Heo
Jonathan So
Brandon Kim
Joonhwa Hong

Junior Team Ladies
Corinne Stoddard
Hailey Choi
Kamryn Lute
Shreya Arun

For the complete results, click HERE

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