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3 août 2018

The Dutch skating association, flag bearer for clean sport

“If you’re not cheating, you’re not trying hard enough.” That saying has been heard in different circles of society such as financial trading and sports. It has been used in different situations that often engage in discussions about legal versus moral. The Dutch skating association is having none of it and wants to make sure its athletes are on the same page.

By Carl Savard

All the best skaters in the Netherlands received a letter a few weeks back. The letter was from the Dutch skating association (KNSB) wanting to make sure its athletes would keep on making sure their country stays ahead of the pack when it comes to clean sport. They also wanted to make sure the athletes would not be tempted to put their health and future in jeopardy by accepting unnecessary medicine created to help medical problems they don’t have in hope of legally pushing the limits. The Dutch skating program in long track is the pride of the country and the short track program just crowned its first olympic champion in Pyeongchang when Suzanne Schulting won the 1000m event. Remy de Wit, technical director of KNSB, also wanted to remind the Dutch skaters that they should report any doctor offering to prescribe them a medicine that they don’t need.

The letter was motivated by the fact that the word came out that some athletes might be tempted to use a thyroid hormone to boost their performances. That particular hormone is not on the illegal substances’ list of the World anti-doping agency (WADA) at the moment, but KNSB is asking WADA to add it to the list.

To read the full letter sent to the athletes, click HERE.

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