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18 août 2018

A new event that has been well-received by the fan

The European Championships’ skaters had the chance to race in a brand new event Friday in Ostend.

By Jackob Savard
Photo: @skateworldbs

The new event that we’re talking about is the 500m team sprint. The event is raced in team of two in which the skaters exchange halfway through the race. With Friday’s results, the go to strategy seems to be to make your best sprinter start the race and give the relay to a skater normally doing longer distances for the second portion of the event. Both winning team in the senior category used this technique to win. The Italian winning duo in the ladies' competition was composed of Giorgia Bormida and Francesca Lollobrigida and the Spanish skaters who won the men’s event were Ioseba Fernandez and Patxi Peula.

The fans seemed to enjoyed the show and the comments we have received so far on our social media about the event are mostly positive. We want to keep the discussion open on this subject so please leave your opinion in the comment section. Should this event be added to the Europa Cups? Should this be added to World Championships? What changes should they make?

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Day 1 podiums are available HERE
Day 2 podiums are available HERE

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