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20 août 2018

Oostende 2018: Track races recap

daniel niero speed skating

Some of the best inline speed skaters in Europe are in Oostende, Belgium for the European Championships.

By Jackob Savard
Photos: Thomas Wendt (@feeddyrace)

Here’s what caught our team’s attention during the track portion of the Championships.

Albrecht and Voste in good shape
German star Simon Albrecht won the 300m TT and the 500m. One of his biggest sprint rival was Belgium’s Mathias Voste who won the 1000m, finished third in the 300m, the 500m and the team sprint. They are both in good shape and could get good results on the road.

Italian Domination

A strong Italian team is in Oostende this week. They collected great results in every categories. Daniel Niero and Francesca Lollobrigida where dominant in the senior category as they both won the elimination race and the points race. Lollobrigida also won the team sprint alongside her teammate Giorgia Bormida, finished second on 1000m and second in the relay. Niero leaded his team to win the senior men's relay. Some younger skaters like Gabriele Cannoni, Vincenzo Maiorca, Laura Peveri, Andrea Cremaschi and many others also showed great things the past three days.

Honorine Barrault impressed in the juniors
Team France’s Honorine Barrault was impressive in the junior category. The young skater won two medals in a couple of hours on day 2 with a silver medal in the elimination race and a gold medal on 500m. She also added the 1000m gold and the relay's silver to her collection on day 3.

Luisa Gonzalez and Ivan Galar dominated in the sprint
Spain showed they had some great sprinters in their team for the future. Luisa Maria Gonzalez and Ivan Galar both won 4 gold medals in the youth category on sprint distances.

Good showing from Belgium in front of their fans
Belgian skaters like Sandrine Tas, Mathias Voste and Jason Suttels offered a great show to their fans during the track races. They had five victories to celebrate and a couple of additional medals throughout the competition.

The skaters have a day off today and the competitions will resume on the 21st with the road races.

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