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13 août 2018

Flanders Grand Prix: Marreiros dominates in Oostende

diogo marreiros portugal roller
Diogo Marreiros and Larissa Gaiser won the 2018 Flanders Grand Prix last weekend in Oostende.

By Jackob Savard
Photo: Schaats Foto’s

The 2018 Flanders Grand Prix was the last European Cup of the season and the last chance to prepare for the European Championships that will be raced in a couple of days in Oostende.

Marreiros impressive
Portuguese skater Diogo Marreiros was really strong this weekend, winning the 1000m, the points race and the 30k road race. He also finished second behind Peter Michael in the elimination race. This great racing weekend for Marreiros turned into overall victory of the Flanders Grand Prix and the win in the long distances classification of the 2018 European Cup. Patxi Peula Cabello and Peter Michael finished second and third of the 2018 Flanders Grand Prix.

Four out of four for Sandrine Tas
Sandrine Tas won all the races she skated in. She won the 300m, 1000m, points race and elimination race. Since she didn’t took part in the 16k road race, she wasn’t eligible for the overall classification on the distance. We think it’s fair to say she is in good shape for the upcoming European Championships where she will be at home.

Larissa Gaiser was consistant
Germany's Larissa Gaiser was the best skater who participated in all the distances. She finished 4th on 1000m, 2nd in the points race, 3rd in the 16k road race and 2nd in the elimination race. A great performance by the young German skater who is at her first year in the senior category. Sabine Berg and Marie Dupuy completed the overall classification podium.

The next big inline speed skating event is the European Championships who will be raced in Oostende from the 17th to the 23rd of August.

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