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10 mars 2019

Salt Lake City day 2: More world records and world cup titles

The 2018-2019 long track speed skating season came to an end today in Salt Lake City.

By Jackob Savard
Photo: Maria Dalton

The last 1500m, 500m and mass start world cup points of the season were on the table today at the Utah olympic oval. It was also the last chance to establish new personal bests, national and world records on the fastest ice on earth.

Takagi breaks the 1500m world record
Japanese Miho Takagi continued the world record party by establishing a new world record of 1:49.839 on 1500m. American Brittany Bowe, who also skated below the previous world record finished second today, but confirmed her win in the 1500m overall classification. "Its been a long and tough year but I can't be more grateful for the success I’ve had this season" said Bowe after her race. Russian Yekaterina Shikhova completed today’s podium.

Another one for Nuis
Kjeld Nuis who established a new world record yesterday on 1000m (click here to watch it) did it again today on 1500m racing the distance in 1:40.176, a new world record. His teammate Thomas Krol finished second. Today’s win wasn’t enough for Nuis to win the 1500m overall ranking and Denis Yuskov, who was third today won the season title.

Kodaira won another 500m
Nao Kodaira won her eighth 500m of this World cup season skating a time of 36.492. Vanessa Herzog finished second while Olga Fatkulina took the third place. Since Kodaira missed three 500m this season, Herzog is your 2018-2019 World cup classification champion on the distance.

Shinhama wins it on 500m
Japanese skater Tatsuya Shinhama won today’s 500m in front of Min Kyu Cha from Korea and Yuma Murakami from Japan. What caught the fans attention was surely the fact that Russia's Pavel Kulizhnikov and Ruslan Murashov intentionally skated their 500m slowly to finish 11th and 12th out of twelve skaters. Kulizhnikov was already sure to win the World cup classification and to keep his world record, but why not compete on the last race of the season?

Schouten and Tsuchiya mass start winners
Dutch Irene Schouten won the final mass start of the season winning the sprint in front of Bo Reum Kim and Ivanie Blondin. "I went a little bit too early today, but I am happy to be back on the podium." said Blondin about her mass start race. Bo Reum Kim won the overall mass start classification. The men’s race was won by Japanese Ryosuke Tsuchiya who, alongside Belarusian veteran Vitaly Mikhailov, took a lap on the pack. Mikhailov finished second and Dutch Simon Schouten who was trying to come back on them finished third. Cheon Ho Um won the overall mass start qualification.

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