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25 mars 2019

Doping case in long track speed skating

A German long track speed skater is under suspicion in a blood doping case in Europe.

Text: Jackob Savard
Photo: Schaats foto’s

A raid in a hidden laboratory in Erfurt, Germany revealed the existence of an organized international doping network led by sports doctor Mark Schmidt. At least twenty-one athletes from eight countries and five different sports would be concerned. From forty to fifthy 500ml bulging blood bags were seized during the operation. Athletes from triathlon, cycling and skiing are concerned as well as a German speed skater skated at the Olympic games.

Patrick Beckert and Nico Ihle, the two most successful skaters from team Germany, told German media that they have nothing to do with it and that they don't know Mr. Schmidt. "I think it is very unfortunate for the skating world that this subject is in the media. That is unfair for all the clean athletes who practice the sport", says Ihle. Beckert believes that the concerned skater should get a lifelong suspension. We’ll update you as soon as we’ll have more information on the topic.

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