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26 janvier 2018

Viktor Ahn shares his feelings about his ban from the Olympics

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A few days after it leaked that Viktor Ahn was on the list of athlete barred from competing at the upcoming  Olympic games in Pyeongchang, information that was later confirmed, Viktor Ahn had this to say to Thomas Bach, president of the International olympic committee. 

"Dear Mr. President Thomas Bach,

Back in 2002, I got my first opportunity to participate in Olympic Games. The present ones in Korea were supposed to become an especially significant part of my career for several reasons. Two weeks before the start of the Olympics I found out that the Olympic movement does not consider me an athlete, who deserves to be a part of it without even providing an explanation.

During my entire career journey in short track, I’ve never given a reason to doubt my honesty and my integrity, especially when it comes to my victories which I achieved with nothing but my strength and dedication. I have always maintained respect to the sport itself, my rivals, the Olympic movement, and I’ve always complied with the anti-doping legislation. I honestly thought that properly completing all the steps to meet the criteria to be a part of the Olympic Games, a "clean" athlete deserves a right to compete there. However, the IOC commission has decided otherwise and didn’t provide me with reasons why so.

I thoroughly went over the criteria which commission utilized when they made this decision. I can honestly declare that I haven’t done anything that would justify putting me on the list of athletes barred from participating in the Olympic Games.

It is outrageous that there is no concrete reason which explains my exclusion from the Olympics, and furthermore people now view me as an athlete who used doping. After all these years in sports, this verdict of preventing me to be in Olympics has become a symbol of mistrust to me from the side of IOC as well as the reason of mistrust from the side of the entire sport community.

I hope that the IOC will ultimately declare their reason for my exclusion, so I will be able to defend my honor and dignity. I have a full right to believe and hope that I have the trust of my supporters, as well as journalists, after my long journey in short-track and with absolute absence of my fault in this situation, when I’m deprived an opportunity to participate in the Olympics.

Sincerely Yours, Viktor An"

2 commentaires:

  1. This ban of Viktor makes no sense. Semen Elistratov yes, but Viktor has no record of doping. I am a Canadian but would still prefer our best athletes be able to compete against Viktor. That is the Olympic spirit.

    1. It would surely have been amazing to follow Viktor in south Korea for the Olympics. If you follow this link: there is some explanations about Semen Elistratov case that coul answer some of your questions.