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29 janvier 2018

Dai Dai Ntab crowned Netherlands' sprint king

The Netherlands held there sprint and allround championships last weekend in Heerenveen.

By Jackob Savard
Photo: Schaats Foto’s

Even though some big names were absent from the championships, there was still great competition for the sprint and allround champion titles.  

A dose of confidence for Dai Dai Ntab
The 500m specialist Dai Dai Ntab was crowned Dutch sprint champion after two 500m and two 1000m races. Hein Otterspeer and Thomas Krol finished second and third. Ntab won the first 500m, finished second in the other 500m and finished fourth in both 1000m races. He was the most constant skater of the top four skaters in this tight competition. This victory will surely give him a little boost after the tough moments he went through during the Dutch olympic selections. Ntab who was one of the favorites to qualify in the 500m was disqualified for two false starts in his only chance to make the olympic team. His victory of the weekend at the Dutch sprint championship will not give him his olympic dream back, but it will surely give him a ton of motivation and confidence for the World sprint championships that will be raced in Changchun, China in March.

De jong near perfect
Letita de Jong offered a near perfect performance to win the ladies' sprint championships. Anice Das who raced an awesome 500m at the Dutch Olympic selection earlier this season finished second and Sanneke de Neeling third.

Bosker and van der Weijden allround champions
With the absence of Sven Kramer and Ireen Wüst, the allround competition was completely open. At the end of the weekend, Marcel Bosker and Annouk van der Wijden finished at the top of the ranking. Lex Dijkstra and Thomas Geerdinck finished second and third in the men’s competition while Linda de Vries and Melissa Wijfje completed the ladies podium.

The World sprint championship will be held in Changchun the 3th and 4th of March and the World allround championship will be raced the following week in Amsterdam.

All the results of the competition are available HERE

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