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16 janvier 2018

!!!UPDATE!!! Pierron got her skates back!

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One of the worst fear of travelling for an elite athlete just struck French skater Véronique Pierron. Just two weeks before heading out to the Olympic Games, Pierron's carry-on baggage was stolen at the Barcelona airport. Her molded skates were in that carry-on and less than a month before the Pyeongchang Olympic games, time is too short for Pierron to get a new pair of molded skates. 

Here's the message she shared on Facebook. Earlier this week.

Yesterday at Barcelona airport around 16:30, I was stolen my bag that contained my skates, my medal and other personal belongings. I'm leaving in 2 weeks at the Olympic Games. I especially want to recover my skates with which I skate since 2 years. The fact of not having these skates does not allow me to participate in the Olympic Games in the best conditions. These are custom-made pads molded at my feet. It is impossible to remake them in such a short time

Since all my details are in my bag that was stolen from me, there is a slight chance that the person who is in possession of my skates sees this message. In this case, I will ask him to make arrangements so that I can recover them as soon as possible.


Thanks for the support you showed Véronique Pierron this week, here's what she shared this morning on the web
"Such a great news : my skates have been found by the Mossos d'esquadra (Catalonian police). 

I’m so happy  Thank you everyone for your invaluable help, for your support messages, sharing, etc.

For sure your mobilization played an important role, with particular attention for the police officer 24824 from the Barcelona Guàrdia Urbana."

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