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23 janvier 2018

No Yuskov nor Kuliznikhov in Pyeongchang

World record older Denis Yuskov and sprint specialist Pavel Kuliznikhov supposedly on the list of Russian athletes who will be banned from Pyeongchang 2018.

By Jackob Savard
Photo: Schaats Foto's

Even if the IOC will publish the official list on Sunday some  names have leaked yesterday in short track speed skating and multiple Olympic champion Viktor Ahn was one of them. Today the names of two long track speed skaters came out: Denis Yuskov and Pavel Kuliznikhov. 

Yuskov just broke the 1500m world record and he is on top on the distance in the World cup ranking. He's also the reigning European champion on 1500m. Pavel Kuliznikhov is a sprint specialist. This season, he became European champion in the 1000m and got bronze in the 500m in addition to two World cup victories. These two skaters had great chances of winning medals in Pyeongchang. Their teammate Ruslan Murashov who has one victory this season on the World cup circuit will not be able to skate either. 

With these two and the ones that were banned last fall, Sergueï Trofimov, Natalja Voronina, Olga Graf and Angelina Golikova would be the only four skaters able to skate for Russia at the Olympics in long track speed skating. 

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