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12 août 2019

Crowd favorites Tas and Médard won the Flanders Grand Prix

Belgian crowd favorites won the Flanders Grand Prix, the last European inline cup event of 2019.

By Jackob Savard
Photo: Thomas Wendt (@freddyrace)

Some of the best inline skaters in Europe were In Ostend, Belgium for the last European cup of the 2019 season. An elimination race, a points race, a short in line race, a 1000m and a road race were on the program of the 2019 Flanders Grand Prix.

Tas and Médard overall winners

Sandrine Tas and Indra Médard couldn’t have asked for a better way to end the European cup season than winning the overall classification of their home competition in Ostend. Sandrine Tas won four of the five races of the weekend to claim another European cup win. Maite Ancin Gambarte from Spain and Josie Hofmann from Germany completed the ladies' overall podium. Médard won two races and added two second places and a fourth place to confirm his win in the senior men’s category. Spanish Patxi Peula and Dutch Marc Middelkoop also had a good weekend and completed the men’s podium.

Strong showing by Marreiros, Bravo and de Souza
Portuguese skaters Diogo Marreiros and Miguel Bravo as well as French skater Elton de Souza showed great things during the weekend but missed at least one distance which made them ineligible for the overall classification victory. Diogo Marreiros only skated the points race and the elimination race but won both of them. His teammate in the Portuguese and Bont Skates team Miguel Bravo finished third in these two distances while Elton de Souza managed to collect a second place in the 1000m and a fourth place in the elimination race.

Mathilde Pedronno the only skater to beat Tas
Young French skater Mathilde Pedronno was the only skater who managed to beat Sandrine Tas in a distance. The sprinter made it on 1000m, but wasn’t included in the overall classification since she didn’t skate two of the longer distances.

Suttels and Balanant junior champions
Belgian sensation Jason Suttels once again showed his dominance in the junior category winning all five races of the 2019 Flanders Grand Prix and securing the overall win. French rising star Marine Balanant was the winner in the ladies’ junior category winning four of the five races of the weekend.

The full results of the weekend are available HERE

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