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4 février 2018

Know everything about short track in Pyeongchang

Short track speed skating is one of the most popular event at the winter Olympics.

By Jackob Savard
Photo: Schaats Foto’s

The favorites
Some skaters seemed to have the edge by the end of the World cup season and will look to do as good in Pyeongchang. In the men’s competition Hwang Dae Heon and Lim Hyo Jun from Korea, the new European champion Sjinkie Knegt, the Liu brothers, young Samuel Girard and veteran Charles Hamelin had a good World cup season and could end up on the podium. In the ladies’ event, Kim Boutin and Choi Minjeong fought hard on 1000m and 1500m all season long and we could see them fight again at the Olympics! Skaters like Shim Suk-Hee, Marianne St-Gelais, Suzanne Schulting, Arianna Fontana and Elise Christie are also among the favorites. Let’s keep in mind that everything can happen in short track and  many skaters not on these lists could step on the podium!

The calendar
February 10
-Qualification and finals men’s 1500m
-Qualification ladies’ 500m
-Qualification ladies’ 3000m relay
February 13
-Ladies' 500m finals
-Qualification men’s 1000m
-Qualification men’s 5000m relay
February 17
-Qualification and finals ladies' 1500m
-Men’s 1000m finals
February 20
-Qualification ladies’ 1000m
-Qualification men’s 500m
-Ladies’ 3000m relay finals
February 22
-Men’s 500 finals
-Ladies’ 1000m finals
-Men’s 5000m relay finals

Every day of competition starts at 7pm, local time and ends between 9pm and 10pm depending of the event. The races will start at 5am Montreal time and 3am Calgary time. You can also use this website to translate your time zone wherever you are.

Number of athletes
On 500m and 1000m, 32 men and 32 women will race for Olympic glory. In the 1500m it will be 36 skaters instead of 32 and there will be 8 relay teams by category. These quota places were won during the World cup season. Some details about the qualification and the link for the quota places by country are available in our Round up article  published on november 29.

Get to know some of the teams
Canada, Pays-Bas, Corée, France, Grande-Bretagne, Singapore

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