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19 septembre 2018

When a teammate makes the difference

By Jackob Savard
Photos: Schaats Foto’s & Martin Holtom

The Olympic games always create great stories here’s one of our favorite.

A tough start
Suzanne Schulting’s first Olympic games didn’t start the way she would’ve liked. She suffered a fall in her 500m qualification. Adding to that, the Dutch relay team didn’t qualify for the A final on the first day of racing.

The 20 years old skater, who is often seen as the incarnation of joy, shared with a reporter from De Telegraaf that she had difficulties handling the hectic ambiance of the Olympics and that she was exhausted after her first few days spent in Pyeongchang. Schulting bursted into tears on friday the 16th during a training session.

Jorien ter Mors who had won the 1000m in long track two days prior, came in support of her young teammate by cheering her up and giving her advices. "We have to help and support each other, this is her first Olympics." said ter Mors about the situation. Other than being Suzanne’s friend and teammate, Jorien ter Mors also played the role of a mentor for her through these tough times.

A fairy tail’s ending
After a tough start , the second half of the Olympic games was at the complete opposite for Suzanne Schulting. She helped the Dutch team break the ladies’ 3000m relay world record in the B final and took profit of two disqualifications in the A final to win the bronze medal. (read our text about this controversial relay HERE)

Two days after winning the bronze medal with her team, Suzanne raced two perfect 1000m and did the race of her life in the A final to win the distance. Schulting is the first ever Dutch lady to be crowned olympic champion in the history of the sport. Suzanne finally left Pyeongchang with a bronze medal and a gold medal. Their is a little part of Jorien ter Mors in Suzanne’s success and this story shows the importance of having the support of your teammates.

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