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11 septembre 2018

Round up: September 11, 2018

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Last weekend was full of action in the world of marathon and half marathon racing. Here's a recap of the three main events that were raced on September 9th.

By Jackob Savard
Photo: @freddyrace

Sept. 9th - Pamplona to Puente skate marathon (P2P)
The legendary P2P marathon that is considered one of the hardest in the world was one of the main races of the weekend. The men’s race turned into a fight between EO skates, Rollerblade and In-Gravity. The marathon world champion of 2017, Frenchman Nolan Beddiaf, was the strongest and was able to finish in front of last year's P2P winner Ewen Fernandez. David Morell finished 3rd while Patxi Peula and Guillaume Mallevoue finished 4th and 5th. Maite Ancin Gambarte from Spain won the ladies' race finishing ahead of Rocio Berbel from Argentina and Maialen Oñate also from Spain.

Sept. 9th - German Inline Cup in Praha
The 4th event of the German Inline Cup was held in Praha, Czech Republic. The men’s half marathon was won in the sprint by Colombian sprinter Edwin Estrada from Powerslide. Reigning marathon world champion Felix Rijhnen finished second and Alexander Bastidas finished third. In the ladies' race, Germany's Katharina Rumpus won the half marathon representing team Powerslide. Katja Ulbrich and Andrea Lokvencova completed the ladies' podium. Bastidas and Rumpus kept their lead in the German inline cup ranking.

Sept. 9th - Swiss Skate Tour in Engadin
The Engadin skate marathon was also held during the weekend. Livio Wenger, the Swiss star skating for Arma racing, won the race with a solid last straight line. Belgian Tim Sibiet and Swiss Yannick Friedli completed the men’s podium. In the ladies' race Netherlands’ Irene Schouten, who's a Pyeongchang 2018 mass start medalist, finished 5 minutes before her closest rival Carlotta Camarin. Schouten would’ve finished in the top 20 of the men’s race with her performance. Swiss skater Flurina Heim finished in third.

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