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18 septembre 2018

Argentina's Ken Kuwada breaks a 20 years old record

Argentina's Ken Kuwada broke a 20 years old record at the 2018 Northshore marathon this weekend.

By Jackob Savard
Photo: MPC wheels

MPC wheels' skater Ken Kuwada won the 2018 Northshore marathon with a fast time of 56:56.12. It's the fastest time ever raced at the Northshore marathon. The previous best mark was established by inline speed skating's legend Chad Hedrick in 1998. The 2018 course was slightly different than in 1998 because of construction, which makes it difficult to compare it with Hedrick's performance. MPC's Sebastian Guzman Bitar and Bont's Justin Stelly completed the men's podium finishing 50 seconds after Kuwada. Junior skater from the United States Corinne Stoddard won the ladies' race in front of Franchesca Pasquarella and Kelsey Helman.

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