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25 septembre 2018

Round up: New York 100k & Lyon marathon

Two inline speed skating events were raced last weekend: the New York 100k and the Lyon marathon.

By Jackob Savard
Photo: Bartek Nowakowski

The New York 100k was raced on Saturday the 22nd and the Lyon French inline cup marathon occured on Sunday the 23rd.

New York 100k - 22/09/18
Argentina’s Ken Kuwada who won the Northshore marathon last weekend added another win to his United States' adventure with a big win in the New York 100k in a time of 3:12.42. French World Champion Elton de Souza finished second while young american skater Aidan Brown completed the podium. Only Karin Gabriel finished the ladies' 100k race. She completed the distance with a time of 3:34.49.

Lyon French inline cup - 23/09/18
A lot of solid skaters took part in this year’s Lyon marathon. French marathon specialist representing Rollerblade Guillaume de Mallevoue won the race in front of his teammate Ewen Fernandez. Former marathon World Champion Nolan Beddiaf finished third arriving 3 minutes after Mallevoue and Fernandez. In the ladies’ race, Juliette Pouydebat won the marathon in front of Marine Lefeuvre and Joséphine Alliaud.

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