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16 septembre 2018

Bart Swings wins the 2018 Paris marathon

bart swings speed skating roller marathon paris
Bart Swings won his second marathon in two days Sunday in Paris. 

By Jackob Savard
Photo: Thomas Wendt (@freddyrace)

After his victory in Berlin Saturday, Belgian super star Bart Swings added another win to his season at the 2018 Paris marathon on Sunday. A breakaway composed of six skaters, Nolan Beddiaf and Flavien Foucher for EO skates, Ewen Fernandez and Mike Paez for Rollerblade and Bart Swings and Felix Rijhnen for Powerslide, was created and they were able to escape the rest of the pack. Since the race course was pretty technical, none of the six skaters were able to launch an attack to step ahead of the group and the victory was played in the sprint. Bart Swings won it finishing ahead of Nolan Beddiaf and Felix Rijhnen.

In the ladies' race, Sandrine Tas took the victory. She was able to escape her closest rivals to cross the line in solo. The second place was decided by a sprint and it's Maelann Le Roux,representing Bont, who took the silver medal. Berlin Marathon winner Katharina Rumpus won the bronze.

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