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15 avril 2018

A mix of experience and youth qualifies for the 2018-2019 Korean national team

The second Korean selection for the upcoming 2018-2019 season in short track as come to an end. 

By Jackob Savard
Photos: Danny Kim (@dk_st) edited by Carl Savard

The top 23 skaters from the first selection (you can find the results HERE) were fighting for 7 spots on the national team.

Lim and Shim dominate
The winners of the first selection, Lim Hyo-jun and Shim Suk-hee, continued their domination and won the second competition to confirm their spot on the team. 

From world junior champions to national senior team member
Lee June-seo and Hong Kyeong-hwang, who finished 2nd and 3rd this weekend, competed earlier this year at the 2018 World junior championships (you can read our text about it HERE). It will be interesting to see them race on the World cup circuit next season. 

Some experience on the traditionally young women’s team
A 25 years old and a 26 years old skater made the team. Noh Ah-reum and Shin Sae-bom concluded the competition respectively 6th and 7th and will join the Korean national team. 

Who’s missing?
The 2017 world champion Seo Yi-ra is not on the team as he has decided to take a year off. Some will be sad to see that rising star Li Yu-bin and experimented skater Kim Alang did not make the team. Kim did not make it through the first selection competition while Lee was part of the second selection but did not manage to finish in the top 7. 

Men’s national team for 2018-2019
Hwang Dae-heon (pre-qualified)
Lim Hyo-jun 
Lee June-seo
Hong Kyung-hwan
Kwak Yoon-gy 
Kim Keon-woo 
Park Ji-won 
Park Se-young

Ladie’s national team 2018-2019
Choi Min-jeong (pre-qualified)
Shim Suk-hee
Kim Ji-yoo 
Kim Kun-hee
Kim Ye-jin 
Choi Ji-hyun 
Noh Ah-reum 
Shim Sae-bom

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