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16 avril 2018

Team Colombia will be dangerous in 2018

The biggest inline speed skating nation in the world had their national selections last weekend in Cucuta, Colombia.

By Jackob Savard
Photos: Thomas Wendt (@freddyrace)

It’s a familiar Colombian team with a lot of world champions that will race in Heerde for the 2018 World championships later this season.

Arias and Escobar will lead the women's team
Fabriana Arias Perez, who’s already been crowned world champion 13 times and World games champion 3 times, will lead the Colombian squad in the long distances. She will have experimented skaters to help her like Johanna Viveros and Maria Camila Guerra. Yesenia Escobar Ramirez will lead the team in the sprint distances and will be joined by other stars of the sport like Andrea Canon, Geiny Pajaro and Kerstinck Sarmiento.

An experimented men’s team
The seven-time world champion Alex Cujavante will be part of the team again this season. At the 2017 World championships that were held in Nanjing, he was crowned world champion on the 15 000m elimination track race. Hamilton Patino, who’s part of team Powerslide, had awesome results in the European cup last season and will represent his country in 2018. You can add to the team Jaime Uribe and Edwin Estrada who are two dangerous sprinters, the multiple times junior world champion Manuel Saavedra and the Pyeongchang 2018 olympian Pedro Causil. Finally, Andres Felipe Munoz who has already 27 world titles under his belt will try to add more to his collection in 2018.

As always, the Colombian team will be one of the best and you will have the chance to see them race at the World Championships from July 1st to 7th.

Senior ladies team
Fabriana Arias - 13 x world champion
Johana Viveros - 11 x world champion
Yesenia Escobar - 11 x world champion
Kerstinck Sarmiento - 6 x world champion
Andrea Canon - 4 x world champion
Geiny Pajaro - 4 x world champion
Maria Camila Guerra - 0 x world champion

Senior men’s team
Andres Felipe Munoz - 27 x world champion
Pedro Causil - 16 x world champion
Edwin Estrada - 11 x world champion
Alex Cujavante - 7 x world champion
Jaime Uribe - 5 x world champion
Manuel Saavedra - 3 x world champion
Hamilton Patiño - 0 x world champion

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