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3 avril 2018

3 Pistes 2018 - A big win for Rollerblade

The first inline speed skating event of the season was raced this weekend at the Trophée des 3 Pistes in France.

By Jackob Savard
Photo: Rollerblade and Thomas Wendt (@freddyrace)

Day 1 - Pibrac
The first day of competition, that was supposed to be raced at the Patinodrome of Pibrac, had to be cancelled because of heavy rain.

Day 2 - Valence d’Agen
It was elimination race day at Valence d’Agen! The qualification races were a formality for the favorites and they all qualified for the big finals. In the women’s race, French girls obtained good results by finishing 1st, 2nd and 6th. Clémence Halbout from Bont showed her strength to everybody as she finished a couple of meters in front of Marine Lefeuvre from Ligne Droite and Aura Quintana from EO skates.

The men’s race was won by Ewen Fernandez from Rollerblade. Nolan Beddiaf and Martin Ferrié from EO skates completed the podium. The Rollerblade team did a perfect job to protect their leader. Fernandez was able to be on the front line with two laps to go and start a fast sprint. He edged out Beddiaf by a wheel to win it. Elton de Souza and Diogo Marreiros, who both didn’t have a big team like the leaders, were still able to finish 4th and 5th.

Day 3 - Gujan-Mestras
The overall rankings were decided on day 3 with the 1000m and the points race. Aura Quintana and Patxi Peula, both from EO skates, won the women’s and the men’s race. Quintana finished ahead of Marine Lefeuvre and Clémence Halbout with an explosive sprint. In the men’s 1000m, Patxi Peula surprised everybody with a great pass to win the race. Nolan Beddiaf finished 2nd and Ewen Fernandez finished in 3rd to keep his overall lead going into the points race.

The ladies’ points race was won by Clémence Halbout who confirmed her victory in the overall classification. Luisa Sophie Woolaway finished second as Juliette Pouydebat crossed the line in third.

The men’s race was competed in two parts because of the rain. Timothy Loubineaud won the race in front of Diogo Marreiros and Ewen Fernandez. This third place was enough for Fernandez to win the overall classification, helped by his teammates Quentin Giraudeau and Doucelin Pedicone. It’s a big win for Rollerblade as a lot of people thought they would not be able to beat EO skates. ‘’There’s what’s happening on paper and there’s what happening on the skates.’’ said Fernandez after his big win in the elimination race.

Some of these skaters will be in Lagos next week for the second Europa cup as other skaters will race the Berlin half-marathon.

Ladie’s overall podium
1.Clémence Halbout - Bont (FRA)
2.Marine Lefeuvre - Ligne Droite (FRA)
3.Aura Quintana - EO skates (COL)

Men’s overall podium
1.Ewen Fernandez - Rollerblade (FRA)
2.Nolan Beddiaf - EO skates (FRA)
3.Diogo Marreiros - Bont (POR)

The full results are available HERE.

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