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30 avril 2018

Groß-Gerau 2018: Garzon and Mirena on top

The 40th edition of the Gross-Gerau Kriterium was held this weekend at the Gross-Gerau Skate-Park.

By Jackob Savard
Photos: Thomas Wendt (@freddyrace) and Oscar van Den Bosch (@schaatsfotos)

The skaters raced in a 300m time-trial, a 500m, a points race and an elimination race.

A feel-good victory for Luz Karime Garzon
Luz Karime Garzon from Bont skates, who didn’t manage to qualify for the Colombian National team a couple of weeks ago (learn more about the team HERE), was simply dominant in the long distances this weekend as she won the points race, the elimination race and the overall classification. This win will surely make her happy as she showed the world she could compete against first class skaters. Sandrine Tas and Daniela Mendoza finished second and third.

Consistency was the key for Julio Mirena
The overall ranking winner, Julio Mirena from MPC, didn’t win a distance but collected good results in all the events. He finished 2nd in the points race, 3rd in the 500m and 7th in the elimination race to finish in front of Ken Kuwada from Argentina and the defending champion Bart Swings!

A big victory for Gwendal le Pivert on 500m
Gwendal le Pivert from France raced an awesome 500m race. Even if he was third after the start, le Pivert was able to excute awesome moves to beat Ioseba Fernandez and Sebastian Guzman Bitar at the line. The Frenchman was very strong and you should keep an eye on him in upcoming competitions.

Ioseba Fernandez: the fastest man alive
This competition also allowed us to witness an incredible world record performance from Ioseba Fernandez who raced his 300m in 22.850 seconds. What a performance by the spanish skater representing Takino skates.

Some of these skaters will be racing next weekend in Heerde for the 5th European cup of the season.

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