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27 octobre 2018

A look back at the Korean single distances championships

The South Korean long track speed skating single distances championships ended yesterday in Seoul, Korea.

By Jackob Savard
Photo: Schaats Foto’s

Some internationally well-known skaters like Min-Kyu Cha, Min-Seok Kim and Ji-Woo Park competed in these championships where each distance was raced once except for the 500m. Olympic medalists Sang-Hwa Lee and Seung-Hoon Lee didn't skated in this championships. Many of these skaters were present at the Fall Classic in Calgary last month to prepare for their national championships.

Jun-Ho Kim was the fastest in the men’s 500m event. The skater who’s already a two times olympian and was once crowned World Junior Champion on the distance completed the 500m of this Korean Championships with a time of 35,30. Tae-Yun Kim and Min-Kyu Cha, two sprinters who were also part of the Pyeongchang 2018 Olympics completed the podium. In the 500m (2), Jun-Ho Kim won once again while Min-Kyu Cha and Tae-Yun Kim finished second and third.

In the women's 500m, nineteen-year-old Min-Sun Kim was crowned Korean champion with a time of 39:43. Last season, she finished 16th at the Pyeongchang olympics on this distance. Hyun-Yung Kim and Ye-Won Nam took the second and third positions. The podium of the second 500m was exactly the same as the first one with Min-Sun Kim winning it in 39.00 this time.

Tae-Yun Kim won the 1000m after finishing second on 500m, thanks to his season's best time of 1:10.85. Min-Kyu Cha took another medal with the silver on 1000m while Seung-Yong Yang took the third position on the distance.

Hyun-Yung Kim added a win on 1000m with a time of 1:19.48 to her second place on 500m. The 500m winner Min-Sun Kim took the second place while Ye-Won Nam added another bronze medal to her collection. A good trio of sprinter seems to be in place in Korea with Kim, Kim and Nam.

Pyeongchang's olympic bronze medalist on 1500m Min-Seok Kim won the distance with a time of 1:48.72, about two seconds faster than Jin-Soo Kim and Do-Hyung Lee who completed the podium.

Ji-Woo Park was the fastest woman in the 1500m distance skating a time of 2:02.47. Bo-Reum Kim and Cho-Won Park both skated their best times of the season on the distance finishing second and third.

Men’s 5000m / Ladies' 3000m
The men’s 5000m was won in 6:46.45 by Cheon-Ho Um. Seventeen-year-old olympic medalist Jae-Won Chung finished in second place followed by Jin-Yeong Lee who took bronze. Two-time Olympic medalist Min-Seok Kim was disqualified.

Ji-Woo Park, most known for her contribution to the Korean team pursuit squad, won the ladies’ 3000m event. Do-Young Park, who has not skated on the international circuit since the 2015-2016 season, took the second place just ahead of mass start specialist Bo-Reum Kim.

Men’s 10000m / Ladies' 5000m
On 10000m, Byung-Wook Ko skated a 14:28.92 time to win the distance in front of Jeong-Su Seo and Sung-Kwang Park

Ji-Woo Park won her third Korean champion title of the competition in the 5000m with à time of 8:11.30. She was the only skater to complete the distance.

You can browse the results HERE.

You will be able to see some of these skaters compete at the first long track World Cup of the season in Obihiro, Japan from the 16th to the 18th of November.

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