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9 octobre 2018

Youth Olympic games: Colombian skaters took the titles

Gabriela Rueda Rueda and Jhony Angulo were crowned Youth Olympics champions on Monday in Buenos Aires.

By Jackob Savard
Photo: Schaats Foto's

The best junior inline speed skaters in the world were in Buenos Aires for the first ever competition of their sports at the Youth Olympics. Gabriela Rueda Rueda and Jhony Angulo won the overall ranking to win the titles of Youth olympics champions.

Colombian skater Gabriela Rueda Rueda was dominant as she won all three races of the competition. Her closest rival was France’s Honorine Barrault who collected a second place on 1000m, a third place in the 5000m and a fourth place in the 500m. Italian skater Giorgia Valanzano completed the ladies' podium.

To win the overall title, Jhony Angulo won the 1000m event, finished second on 5000m and third on 500m. Italian Vincenzo Maiorca won both the 5000m and the 500m but had an harder 1000m and was beaten by Angulo’s consistency. Impressive Dutch skater Merijn Scheperkamp ended the competition in third place finishing 4th twice and 7th once.

Overall top 5
1. Gabriela Rueda Rueda - COL
2. Honorine Barrault - FRA
3. Giorgia Valanzano - ITA
4. Nerea Langa - ESP
5. Wang Kuanchih - TPE

1. Jhony Angulo - COL
2. Vincenzo Maiorca - ITA
3. Merijn Scheperkamp - NED
4. Chang Chiawei - TPE
5. Nahuel Schelling - ARG

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