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24 octobre 2018

The gloomy cloud has turned into a bright sun for Yara van Kerkhof

After a long battle to preserve her integrity, a battle that lasted close to a year and a half, Yara van Kerkhof’s case of irregular anti-doping test results is now closed and truth has prevailed.

By Carl Savard
Photo by Oscar van den Bosch and Yara van Kerkhof’s personnal collection

It’s on social media that the twenty-eight-year-old Dutch athlete shared her relief earlier today.

“Yes! After almost a year and a half of fighting, the truth finaly shines! What an amazing feeling! I will be eternally grateful to all the people who believed in me and supported me during this difficult period. I hope that I can quickly recover from the mental and financial blows brought by this situation and that from now on I will finally be able to enjoy the most beautiful sport on earth without stress and worries.”

Earlier this year she had shared with us that even though she was trying to “keep positive” it was a “hard time” for her but she thought everything would “be all fine eventually” considering she has “always been clean”. As of today, she can officially put that story behind her because the World anti-doping agency has decided not to bring the case in front of the Court of arbitration for sport based on the informations that was giving to them by doctors involved in the case. With less than 10 days to go before the start of the season in short track speed skating, that’s probably the best gift van Kerkhof could have received today.

Yara van Kerkhof will step on the ice in Calgary on the first weekend of November for the first event of the World cup circuit. You shouldn’t be surprised to see “The Pitbull”, has her coach calls her, with an even larger smile than she normally has. Considering what she has accomplished last year despite the turmoil, a lighthearted mood could bring even more joy to van Kerkhof this upcoming season.

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