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9 novembre 2018

A look back at the Dutch World cup trials

The Dutch single distances championships took place this last weekend in Heerenveen (Thialf), where some of the fastest skaters in the world looked to earn a spot on the highly competitive Dutch team.

By Maria Dalton
Photos by @schaatsfotos

Patrick Roest was on fire this past weekend, posting numerous personal bests and a new track record. If the fast times coming out of Thialf are any indication of the strength of the Dutch team as we enter the upcoming World cup season, we are sure to see some thrilling action on the World cup circuit from the Dutch skaters.

Verbij, De Jong, Nuis, Leerdam on top in the sprint distances
The 2017 World Sprint Champion, Kai Verbij was on top in the men’s 500m with his time of 35.03. Verbij finished only one-hundredth ahead of his compatriot Jan Smeekens - the Olympic silver medalist in the 500m at the Sochi games. Kjeld Nuis, the two-time Olympic champion in 2018, was third with his time of 35.19. Rounding out the top-5, with nearly identical times, were twins Ronald Mulder and Michel Mulder.

Letitia de Jong clinched the top spot in the women’s 500m with her time of 38.48. She finished just three one-hundredths of a second ahead of Jutta Leerdam. Jutta Leerdam is skating for team IKO in her first season at the senior level. Femke Beuling rounded of the podium with her time of 38.68.

Kjeld Nuis was on top in the 1000m at the Dutch championships. The 2018 Olympic champion in the distance finished ahead of the rest with his time of 1:07.95. Finishing in second was Thomas Krol with a time of 1:08.03. Kai Verbij captured his second medal of the competition in the 1000m Sunday, finishing with a time of 1:08.24 - good enough for the bronze medal.

On the women’s side, it was Jutta Leerdam who came out on top in the 1000m. She finished just 2 tenths of a second ahead of the Legendary Ireen Wust to capture the gold medal with her time of 1:15.33. Rounding out the top-3 was Letitia de Jong (1:15.78) who captured her second medal of the competition - after taking home the 500m title.

Roest, De Jong claim 1500m titles
Patrick Roest captured the men’s 1500m title with his time of 1:44.42. The reigning World Allround Champion is in fine form this season skating for Lotto Jumbo and will surely be a force to be reckoned with on the World cup circuit. Finishing in the silver medal position was Olympic champion Kjeld Nuis, who finished with a time of 1:44.51. Douwe de Vries rounded off the podium in third position with his time of 1:46.06.

Antoinette de Jong was the fastest skater on the women’s side, leading her to capture the 1500m Dutch title. The two-time olympic medallist finished with a time of 1:55.41. De Jong finished over one second ahead of her compatriot, 11-time olympic medallist, Ireen Wust. Young skater Joy Beune rounded out the top-3 with her time of 1:57.25. Beune will be looking to make her mark at the senior level this year after finding incredible successes as a junior skater.

Roest, de Jong and Visser capture long distance titles
Antoinette de Jong has captured her second medal of the Dutch championships in the 3000m with her time of 4:01.79. Melissa Wijfje finished in the silver medal position with a new personal record time of 4:03.18. Esmee Visser rounded out the top-3 with her time of 4:04.10.

Esmee Visser found herself atop the podium in the 5000m, an improvement from her third-place finish in the 3k the day before. She finished with a time of 6:50.64, over seven seconds quicker than the second place finisher. Antoinette de Jong, the winner of the 3000m title, was second with her time of 6:57.66. Rounding off the podium was Melissa Wijfje, who set a new PB in the distance with her time of 6:58.80.

Patrick Roest once again found himself atop the podium as he captured the 5000m title by posting a new personal record as well as a new track record with his time of 6:08.98. At only 22-years of age, Roest, who was the 2018 World Allround Champion, will be looking to build on his past successes this season. Roest finished nearly seven seconds ahead of the second place finisher, Jorrit Bergsma who finished with a time of 6:15.31. Rounding out the top-3 was legendary Dutch skater Sven Kramer. Kramer finished with a time of 6:17.09.

Patrick Roest captured his third gold medal of the Dutch single distance championships with his stellar performance in the 10k. Roest posted a new personal best time of 12:47.89, which is nearly fourty seconds faster than his previous mark of 13:21.11 - on top of this, he came within three seconds of beating Sven Kramer’s track record. Douwe de Vries (12:56.71) set a new PR to finish in second, while Olympic medallist Jorrit Bergsma (12:56.89) finished in the bronze medal position.

Huizinga, Groenewoud crowned mass start champions
In the men’s mass start it was Chris Huizinga who finished atop the podium with a total of 60 points. Douwe de Vries was second, capturing his third medal of the Dutch single distance championships. Rounding out the top-3 was Arjan Stroetinga. On the women’s side it was Marijke Groenewoud who came out on top with 62 points. Bianca Bakker and Jessica Merkens rounded out the top-3 in second and third place, respectively.

Here's the Dutch team:
Kai Verbij: 500m, 1000m
Jan Smeekens: 500m
Kjeld Nuis: 500m, 1000m, 1500m
Ronald Mulder: 500m
Michel Mulder: 500m
Thomas Krol: 1000m, 1500m
Hein Otterspeer: 1000m
Gijs Esders: 1000m
Patrick Roest: 1500m, 5000m, 10 000m
Douwe de Vries: 1500m, 5000m, 10 000m
Sven Kramer: 1500m, 5000m, 10 000m
Jorrit Bergsma: 5000m, 10 000m
Marcel Bosker: 5000m
Kars Jansman: 10 000m
Simon Schouten: 10 000m

Letitia de Jong: 500m, 1000m
Jutta Leerdam: 500m, 1000m
Femke Beuling: 500m
Janine Smit: 500m
Esmé Stollenga: 500m
Ireen Wüst: 1000m, 1500m, 3000m
Antoinette de Jong: 1000m, 1500m, 3000m, 5000m
Joy Beune: 1000m, 1500m
Melissa Wijfje: 1500m, 3000m, 500m
Lotte van Beek: 1500m
Esmee Viseer: 3000m, 5000m
Reina Anema: 3000m, 5000m
Carien Kleibeuker: 5000m

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