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15 novembre 2018

Great battles to come at World cup speed skating #1

Long track speed skating World cup season starts in a couple of hours in Obihiro, Japan.

By Jackob Savard
Photo: Jaap Hop

With the start of a new Olympic cycle, we’ll obviously see fights between some of last year's champions but we’ll also learn to know new skaters that are looking forward to make their place on the World cup circuit. The 2018-2019 hostilities will start with two events in Japan: World cup #1 in Obihiro and World cup #2 in Tomakomai on an outside track.

Concerning the big names who will be skating this weekend, how can we not talk about legends of the sport like Sven Kramer and Ireen Wüst. How are they going to perform this season after going through some difficulties at the end of last season? Last year’s superstars Havard Lorentzen, Nao Kodaira, Miho Takagi, Patrick Roest, Denis Yuskov and many others will also fight hard to prove they’re still part of the elite. Some rookies like Netherlands’ Joy Beune and Jutta Leerdam will also be competing to back their world junior championships’ glory.

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