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30 novembre 2018

A look back at the road portion of the Inline Pan Am Championships

The Pan American inline speed skating championships resumed with the road competitions on the 23rd to the 25th of November in Monterrey, Mexico.

By Jackob Savard
Photo: Thomas Wendt (@freddyrace)

After fighting on the track, the best inline speed skaters in America competed in the road portion of the Pan American inline skating championships. On the menu: one lap sprint, 100m, points race, elimination race and marathon. Note that the points races were raced on the track because the road circuit was to long for this kind of event.

Pajaro and Escobar, top sprinters on the road
Colombian Geiny Pajaro and Yesenia Escobar respectively won the one lap sprint and the 100m. They also finished second in the distance won by the other one. Their teammate Kerstinck Sarmiento joined them on the one lap sprint podium while Guatemala’s Dalia Soberanis joined them on the 100m podium.

Estrada only man to get on the podium twice in the sprints
Colombian Edwin Estrada was the only male skater to collect two medals during the sprint events on the road. He won the one lap sprint and finished second on 100m. Mexican Jorge Luis Martinez was the winner of the 100m event.

Junior Rueda Rueda Pan american champion
Youth olympic games champion Gabriela Rueda won the 10 000m points race title with an impressive 48 points performance. Her teammates Johana Viveros and Luz Karime Garzon completed the podium. Viveros and Garzon finished second and first in the elimination race before Daniel Mendoza, also a Colombian.

Zapata takes back where he left off
After some solid performances on the track, Daniel Zapata won both the points race and the elimination race of these road championships. Argentina’s Santiago Roumec took two medals while Saul Herrano from Colombia and Jorge Bolanos from Ecuador took one.

Mendoza and Munoz marathon champions
Both marathon were won by Colombian skaters at the finish line. Daniela Mendoza won the ladies’ marathon in 1.08:14 in front of Colombia’s Kerstinck Sarmiento and Chile’s Alejandra Traslavina. In the men’s marathon, it was a pretty slow race where sprint specialist Andres Felipe Munoz won it in 1.11:55 less than half a second before Ecuador’s skaters Renato Campana and Jorge Bolanos.

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