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11 juin 2017

Powerslide dominates in Dijon

Bart Swings and Ewen Fernandez from Powerslide dominated the men's race at the third event of the World Inline Cup. Chloé Geoffroy from Powerslide Ligne Droite surprised everyone with a big sprint victory.
By Jackob Savard Photo from Sylvie Geoffroy, Vrcv.com

Some big names were on the start line of this marathon. Yann Guyader, Guillaume de Mallevoue and Quentin Giraudeau from Rollerblade, Martin Ferrie from EOSkates and the Powerslide skaters Bart Swings, Ewen Fernandez and Peter Michael.

A strong start in the men's marathon

Peter Michael from New Zealand started the race with a fast pace but the pack came back on him. Ewen Fernandez got out of the pack with an explosive attack. Bart Swings catched up on his french teammate and they sticked together for the entire race. 

Swings and Fernandez dominated the whole race and lapped the pack twice. They broke the event record with a time of 58:19. The french Martin Ferrie, solo skater from EOSkates completed the podium.

The sprint decided the women's race

Flavie Balandras did some strong attacks in the beginning of the race but she was not able to get rid of the pack. Chloé Geoffroy representing Powerslide Ligne Droite surprised the pack in the last line and was the first woman to finish the race. Katharina Rumpus from Germany finished second and will keep her first place in the World Inline Cup ranking. 

The next stage of the World Inline Cup will be held in Ostrava, Czech Republic but some of the best skaters will not be there because they are preparing for the European Championships and the World Games.

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