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22 octobre 2017

Korea - Single Distances Championships results

Min-Jo Kim finished 5th on both 500m races and 6th on 1000m.

Text: Carl Savard
Photos: Schaats Foto's   and Tony Chung  (@SHORTTRACKHD)

It is in Seoul that the best korean speed skaters met last week from October 18 through the 20th to compete in the 2018 Single distances korean championships. In this season that will see Korea host the rest of the world during the Pyeongchang Olympic games from February 9 to February the 25th, all eyes will be on the korean athletes. Very often, the country hosting the Games is pushed up front by the crowd and the overall energy coming from being at home. Last week’s results may be a good sample of who will battle with the bests this winter.

The winners in all the distances

Two 500m were on the program for this competition and on the women’s side the top five was the same on both days. The top three positions were grabbed by Sang-Hwa Lee, Hyeon-Yeong Kim and Min-Seon Kim which also gave them those three same spot for the combined results on the distance. On the men’s side, even though Tae-Beom Mo finished second in both races, the first one was won by Min-Kyu Cha while the third place went to Joon-Ho Kim. In the second 500m, Tae-Yoon Kim won the distance while Min-Kyu Cha finished third. On the combined result, Mo finishes first in front of Tae-Yoon Kim and Cha.

On 1000m, Sang-Hwa Lee finished first while Hyeon-Yeong Kim and Seung-Hee Park finished second and third on the women’s side. Tae-Yoon Kim, Tae-Beom Mo and Weon-Hoon Jang finished in that order on the men’s side.

On 1500m Seon-Yeong No, Bo-Reum Kim and Jee-Woo Park were the top three women on the distance while Seung-Hoon Lee, Min-Seok Kim and Hyeong-Joon Joo were the top three men.

On 5000m, Jee-Woo Park was the only women to compete. On the men’s side, Seung-Hoon Lee  finished first, Jae-Won Chung second and Cheon-Ho Eom third.

The women’s 3000m race victory went to Bo-Reum Kim while Jee-Woo Park and Do-Yeong Park finished in second and third. Only three skaters raced the men’s 10 000m distance with Seung-Hoon Lee finishing first followed by Seong-Kwang Park and Byeong-Wook Ko.

Seung-Hee Park

Besides winning the bronze on the 1000m distance, the 2010 short track speed skating world champion and queen of the 2014 Sochi Olympic games finished fourth on both 500m races during the competition. Park left the 111m track for the 400m oval after the Sochi games.

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