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6 octobre 2017

Overview of the qualifying rounds in Dordrecht

Text: Carl Savard
Photo: Martin Holtom

It is in Dordrecht, Netherlands that short track speed skaters meet this weekend for the second leg of the World cup circuit.

On Thursday and Friday, skaters battled to qualify for the big show coming up this weekend. Even though most top skaters go through this  part of the competition without too many bumps, short track speed skating is always full of surprises.

Here are the skaters who missed their chance to battle it out this weekend.

On 1500m, Korean legend turned Russian Viktor Ahn was penalised in the first round. Netherland’s Daan Breeuwsma will also miss the 1500m semis due to a fall in the second round.

For the women, Yara van Kerkhof and Tifany Huot-Marchand who both qualified on the distance last week were not able to do so yesterday.

Like always, there was plenty of action on 500m and a few big names were not able to qualify for the quarter-finals. Liu Shaolin Sándor will not be able to repeat his 500m win from Budapest as he finished third in his wave behind China’s Wu Dajing and the surprising Bartosz Konopko from Poland. American skater John Henry-Krueger is also out of the 500m.

On the women’s side, Germany’s Anna Seidel suffered a fall, French skater Veronique Pierron was stucked in a very tough wave and Dutch star Suzanne Schulting was penalised… once again.

On 1000m, Sofia Prosvirnova and Kim A Lang were penalised in the first round while Elise Christie did not skate the distance. An injury bothered her last week in Budapest. Véronique Pierron could not make it pass the second round.

The biggest surprise on Friday came from Liu Shaolin Sándor being out of a second distance in Dordrecht. The Hungarian star will only be part of the 1500m and the relay this weekend.

Talking about the relay, on the women's side Japan and France were not able to get their tickets for the big show while on the men's side, Kazakhstan is the notable absentee.
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